Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Art of War

I have learned from the greatest. I have read Sun Tzu, studied Alexander the Great and followed in Napoleon's footsteps. I will conquer all. I will be... A warlord.

Naw, but can you imagine if I was like that?

I'm slowly but surely taking over the world. I've conquered most of Davidson, North Carolina, a small part of Charlotte (read: my bedroom, the kitchen, and part of the living room), and I have moderately expansive territories in Chapel Hill. My regime is based on discipline, faith and strength. None shall stand in my way.

Yeah, I was real bored when I wrote this.


Mr. Pibba said...


I was upset when you got knocked off, you were one of my favorite characters. But I guess it's karma catching up...for how you did Wallace in Season 1, even if you had no choice.

Haha, dude, all the bus attendents hanging out of the chicken buses are always yelling their destinations, "Managua, Managua!" and it has a very d-boy ring to I always have flashbacks to The Wire. Damn, I miss that show. When I'm back in the states I'm planning on loading the video enabled iPod with the first four seasons at least. I think they're due a third viewing...

-The Ghost of Wallace

Mr. Pibba said...

haha, dude, by the way, you're always on top of my title references. the wire. lil' wayne. etc. etc.

anyway, i need something to read. feeeeeeed me.