Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Keepin it 100

It's now been just over a year since I began blogging from my desk at Topics Education. On this day, I "pen" my 100th post. In the time between 1-100 I've seen a lot of change in myself, my situation and the world in general. True to the spirit of my blog, I won't really delve into my personal feelings, but rather focus on some of the other aspects of what's been going on my life.

To begin, I'm now no longer living in Charlotte with Will Bryan and my brother or working at Topics. I moved from Topics to working as a tutor at the Mecklenburg County Police Athletic League (PAL), and I'm now back in Chapel Hill working for Eurosport as Grassroots Marketing Coordinator for the East Coast. As part of my job I travel to various soccer events as the "face" of Eurosport, and I handle promotional tournament, camp and other event support for the company in my regions.

Without getting too much into it right now, I'm loving my job, and I couldn't be in a better position right now as the soccer lover that I am.

On the style front, my sneaker collection is strong in the force (not the Air One, the midichlorian one), and my t-shirt game is on point. I've racked up a large number of Adidas boots (soccer shoes) due to being blessed with a foot perfectly made for sample sizes, and my Adidas soccer gear collection has been quadrupled thanks to our strong partnership with Adi Dassler's company.

On the video game front, there's not much to report. Due to travel I haven't had much chance to pick up my Xbox controller, so I'll have to update my loyal readership of 3 on that in a couple months.

Hopefully I'll have the wherewithal to actually sit down and write a decent post in the next couple weeks, so here's my sign off:

Thanks to everyone who's stuck around this far, and I hope you'll continue on with me on this journey.

PS. Brr! Aye! Ok! This post has been brought to you by OJ Da Joo-Man.

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