Monday, January 3, 2011

What Can I Say?

Recently I've been struck with an increasing urge to get back on a regular writing schedule. My weekly article on provides me with a basic outlet for my literary energies, but for the most part I need to sit down, quit being lazy and actually put (digital) pen to (virtual) paper.

My biggest problem with writing is Twitter. Not necessarily Twitter as a service, but the fact that it allows me the perfect outlet for my incredibly unfocused thought patterns. Whereas before I was forced to sit down and actually think through a 4-5 paragraph idea, crafting it into something legible and comprehensible, now I'm able to just blurt out quick sentences via Twitter and get my point across. This is both a blessing for me as well as a hindrance. I now have a legitimate outlet for my mental spasticity, but I rarely take the time to make myself write anything over a paragraph unless necessary.

This post is my first attempt to change all that. I'm not going to sit here and lie to whoever reads this and myself and say that I will write faithfully every day in 2011. We all know that's excrement from the posterior of a bovine male. However, I am putting forth a strong effort to corral the wayward thoughts flying around my head into a consistent and (hopefully) enjoyable product for my two-person audience to read.

That being said: Happy New Year!

In other news, Inter Milan still sucks, Juventus is my Old Lady for life and O'DOYLE RULES!! Urban Dictionary is your friend on the last one if you're halftarded.

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Austin Long said...

a couple of months ago i thought the same thing. i am trying to write weekly about la liga and add posts re: jerseys. i am also going to try to do a music post once a month.

i learned to set a once a week goal and go from there. in the immortal words of what about bob?--baby steps.