Tuesday, September 1, 2009


A few days ago I happened to take the time to complete the Myers-Briggs personality test on Facebook. After receiving my results (INFJ), I began to think about my personality and how it affects my view of life. What are my goals? What type of life (personally and businesswise) do I ideally want to lead?

From my Myers-Briggs results I stumbled upon an aspect of my personality that I had an inkling of, but never really addressed or could put my finger on. I work best as a behind-the-scenes person, and I do better with bigger-picture things. I'm not one to fuss over details, and indeed-- it can get me in trouble sometimes if I'm not attentive. However, when dealing with problems I love to use creative solutions and address them head-on.

One of my professors at Davidson always told me to never create the title of my essay until I actually finished my body of work. In the essay that is my life, I think I'm slowly starting to feel out my thesis and flesh out my main argument. I've begun to realize this slowly, but I'm still developing and tightening my supporting details and anecdotes. At the risk of running this post too long, I'll end here and say:

To Be Continued...

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