Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What You Know 'Bout Me?? Too Much, Lil' Mama, Too Much

Two words: Lil' Mama. Hah! Only something this ridiculous could bring me out of my blogger's hibernation. The sight of the lilliputian "rapper" posing beside one of the greatest of all time, Jay-Z and the pillar of pure class that is Alicia Keys elicits more than just a simple ROFL and SMH. For me, it was a "DLMJRUOSASBTILSB"??

Also known as: Did Lil' Mama Just Run Up On Stage And Stand Beside These Icons Like She Belonged??

In other news, Kanye West is still a ridiculous blowhard who can't seem to grasp the fact that the world is not indeed his oyster. And he looks ridiculous to boot.

That is all.

*Image is taken from @MicheleIsabel on Twitter*

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