Thursday, September 3, 2009

World Cup cont'd

Not content with just an NFL squad list, I've created a starting 11 of basketball players as well. Basketball was a bit more difficult, with taller players unlikely to do as well on the soccer field, so bear with me a bit. Without further Adu (haha, get it, cuz Freddy Adu is -- Yeah I know, I know, it was dumb stupid). Without further ado...

Lebron James
Kevin Durant | Dwyane Wade | Joe Johnson | Rajan Rondo
Ron Artest
Chris Paul | Steve Nash | Derrick Rose
Kobe Bryant | Ben Gordon

There you have it. The ones that might be the biggest stretch are Kevin Durant and Lebron James at 6'9". However, there was no way I could make a list without including the freakish athletic talents of the King, as well as Kevin Durant's undeniable potential as the new Dani Alves or Maicon.


Sam said...

I'd put Chris Bosh in goal, and a vintage Jason Kidd at CM

A West said...

I thought about Chris Bosh and J. Kidd, but I figured LeBron was a better athlete in general and J. Kidd is a bit past it. Looking back, I'd swap Baron Davis for Steve Nash though, since Nash is Canadian.