Friday, December 19, 2008

Hello... Newman

It happened. I've watched so many episodes of Seinfeld that I'm starting to love the show. I finally managed to draw a distinction between Michael Richards and his Kramer character, and now that that's done, I have no issues with chuckling, chortling, or even all-out guffawing whenever the irrepressibly goofy Kramer comes bursting through Jerry's door to make some sort of outlandish and brutally honest statement.

I can't help but laugh at the fact that Jerry Seinfeld is a terrible actor in and of his own right. I see him smiling through serious scenes, muffing lines and dropping cues, but it's part of what brings me back. It may just be that he did all these things on purpose to illustrate just how carefree his character is, but either way, I don't care. George is the perfect representation of the friend you love to hate, but can't live without, and Jerry's relationship with Elaine is worth at least three laughs an episode.

If there's an everyday situation to occur, it's probably been covered in Seinfeld. From nose-picking to double-dipping to pulling in a parking spot from the back, if it happens, Seinfeld probably created a fast-talking, stereotypically New York Jewish episode about it.

And you know what? I like it.