Friday, December 26, 2008

The Smoking Gunners

It must be hard being an Arsenal fan. First the French backbone of the squad (Patrick Vieira, Robert Pirés and then Thierry Henry) departed back-to-back-to-back, then Croatian super-striker Eduardo's career was nearly ended, then, most recently, Captain Fantastic Cesc Fabregas has been crocked for up to 4 months. This, on top of a spate of other misfortunes, such as (perceived) poor transfer market dealings by Arsene Wenger and his oft-criticized youth over experience policy has the Gunners firing blanks recently. So what does the future hold for the Arsenal?

If past experience holds true, Arsene Wenger will be OK. Many predicted the downfall of the Gooners when the last (and probably the most important) of the French troops, the va-va-voom VIP Thierry Henry departed. Stunning even the most staunch supporters of the red and white, Arsene shot his young charges to a respectable fourth-placed finish in the EPL and the Champions League round of 16.

Cynics will say that this ship's lack of big-name cannons make it destined to be outgunned by the big-spending opposition such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea et al. However, in my humble opinion, should Wenger convince the Arsenal brass to part with a few farthings in order to pick up some experienced snipers to lead the young semi-automatic Gunners, they may very well be firing on all cylinders before the end of this season. If the moves must come in the summer, the club could be on its way back to greatness, barring some misfortune.

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aht4005 said...

Oh they gonna after that russian mafia member arshavin though and they tryin to find a raw ass nig to possibly replace toure. i think gallas and toure took that raw equivalent exchange too serious and started fighting amongst each other