Thursday, December 18, 2008

Writer's Apathy

At this point in my blogging "career", I've run into a significant problem. Since there isn't too much exciting going on in my world, the only thing I have to blog about are personal thoughts and goings-on in my life. Since I'm a relatively private person for the most part, blogging about how I feel just doesn't really cut it for me. So I don't write. I made a pledge to myself to write more, but I realized lately that the pledge I made is in direct contention with my natural state of being. I'm not big on sharing my feelings, especially through the very public medium of a universally accessible blog.

So what do I do?

I can make up some cool stories... "The other day I ran into Emeka Okafor at the mall by accident, and managed to scuff his brand new Jordan XIs. I apologized, but he was enraged until he noticed I had my Mork and Mindy SBs on. Turns out Emeka is a HUGE sneaker head and was disappointed to never have been able to add the Mork and Mindys to his collection. We started talking about sneakers which eventually devolved into talking about life, and found we have a lot in common. Somehow the conversation turned to soccer and he told me he's always been a huge soccer fan and would be traveling to Italy this summer to visit Milan, Turin and Rome. He invited me and a couple buddies to come along, free of charge, based on the pretenses of a community service trip."

If I wanted, I could lie on this blog and post vapid, pointless musings by the hour. But since I don't really feel like it, I'll get to it when I get to it. The cool stories thing is fun from time to time, but I'd rather write about things that deserve it. Like sneakers. And soccer.


Maybe I should just make stuff up.


aht4005 said...

you don't have to talk about yo life, just talk about some stuff that might have some type of meaning without going into your life too much. or just talk about how emeka is a sneaker head or at least about your new job opportunity. i need to know what's going on in yo life. So I can continue to hate


Will Bryan said...

bored bored bored. is this what the rest of post-college, pre-marriage life is like? perhaps. read a book and write about it, that's what i did.