Friday, October 10, 2008

Aaron's Law

1. If a person's name is mentioned in Davidson College's Vail Commons, they will invariably show up within 10 minutes.
2. No matter how long it's been without rain or what the weather reports dictate, if you wash your car it will rain the next day.
3. You will only trip and make a fool of yourself in front of people you want to impress.
4. You will always be wearing your favorite shirt when you spill spaghetti sauce on it.
5. The freezing air will only come on in the office/theater/building when you forget your jacket.

More rules to come.

1 comment:

Mr. Pibba said...

dubs! dude, I swear all cyberspace is conspiring to keep me from ever leaving comments on your page. this is my fourth try in a month, and hopefully this makes it through. please keep crushing cuddly creatures, and welcome to club Mac. Simple Superiority is as convincing an argument as one can conceive.