Friday, November 7, 2008

Abnormal Psych(e)

I'm a weird dude, I'll admit it. I do a variety of things that most people would consider out of the ordinary, off the wall or just plain crazy. When I eat pizza, I take a bite of both corners of the crust before I proceed to the cheesy part. I listen to audio books on a regular basis. Especially when I'm driving, because it alleviates the boredom that normally pushes me to speed and get to my destination faster.

I love candy, but I don't really like most other sweets. In fact, I don't even like most candy. I only really like "clear" candy and Snickers.

I'm a serious grammar and spelling nazi. I am severely bothered by the use of "they're" for "their", "grammer" for "grammar" and the mother of all offenses: "definate" for "definite". I am more than willing to let it slide for those with whom I'm close, but it does still bother me. Especially when the offense is repeated chronically.

I get bored way too easily. If I don't actually concentrate on a sports game I will lose interest within 10 minutes and move on to something else. If a book doesn't draw me in, I find it very difficult to push through and make it worthwhile. I normally can't even play video games for more than a 30-minute spell straight through. Case in point: to beat me in Madden, a friend of mine simply set the quarters to 5 minutes each and waited for me to get bored in the second half so I'd stop caring and he could win easily. I ended up losing 70-66, or by an absurd score very close to that.

I have plenty of other idiosyncracies that make up my psyche, but I embrace most of them because they make me unique. Yes, I'm absolutely weird as can be. But yes, it makes me who I am. The coolest, weirdest guy named Christopher Aaron West who went to Davidson and graduated in 2008 that you'll ever meet.

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Mr. Pibba said...

Grammer, apparently, is a town in Indiana. I had to look it up...