Monday, November 24, 2008


A few weeks ago I noted that the demise of blogging had been forecasted by some prominent magazine (I forget what it is, but it's inconsequential at the moment). The publication stated that blogging would soon be completely replaced by Twitter and other such "microblogging" applications. When I read this, I immediately wrote (on my blog) that I wouldn't fall prey to such a thing, and I would maintain my blog as best I could.


I officially shortened what normally would be a half to full-page blog post to around 120 characters earlier today. I thought about writing a whole spiel about how the point of being a sneakerhead was to actually wear the sneakers you've worked so hard to collect, but I ended up condensing it to this short Twitter "tweet" (yes, you can laugh. I have, MANY times): "Isn't the point of being a sneakerhead to WEAR the sneakers, not just put them in boxes and never touch them again?" After I wrote the tweet, it took me a few seconds for it to set in and then I realized that I had fallen victim to convenience.

While I pledge to at least attempt (read: think about it for a half second) to continue to write real blog posts, from now on, if I do have a quick idea, it will go into a Twitter tweet (I just really like saying it) for a few reasons. Sometimes I really just don't have the time to write a full post. Sometimes I just don't feel like it. Sometimes it may work out better in a short idea than extrapolated to a full page. As such, whoever gets the urge can follow me on Twitter (username aawest), and if not, just look for my random blogging as you have (or probably haven't) up till now.

I used a lot of parentheses in this post.

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Dallas Penn said...

To answer your Tweet, or Twit as I choose to refer to them...

The purpose of being a sneakerhead is to celebrate the sneaker, by wearing it, or looking at it, or even putting it back in its box and putting it on ice to be worn several years from now or not at all.

have you ever collected anything? Comics, baseball cards, women? How do you treat the most prized pieces in your collection? Some people like to wear them out. Some folks like to preserve them. My opinion is that whatever you decide is all goosd since YOU are the collector.

You can be a sneakerhead and only own a few pairs of kicks. If you still study the culture and inform yourself on the goings on you have made the qualification.

Blogging is dead because we live in a post-literate society. It isn't that people can't read(because many can't) it is more a condition that people have chosen NOT to read and use the YouTubes or the TV as their primary source for info.