Friday, November 14, 2008


I was watching Seinfeld (yes, Seinfeld the TV show) the other day, and I ran into a complex dilemma. I've started to actually enjoy the show and it's everyday ridiculousness. However, every time Michael Richards' character Kramer comes onto the screen, I'm simultaneously incensed and bent double with laughter. Herein lies the problem. I find the character of Kramer to be hilarious and brilliant. By the same token, I find Michael Richards to be absolutely detestable.

I can't seem to draw the line between the character of Kramer and the real-life person behind the character. I find myself laughing, but then being upset at myself for laughing. Nonetheless, I think I've solved my conundrum. I've decided that no matter what the person did, it doesn't matter because his on-screen persona is amusing and enjoyable. Michael Richards is not Kramer, and Kramer is not Michael Richards. As such, I will enjoy Seinfeld to the fullest.

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