Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Some Random Thoughts

What do Swedes do to stay so young-looking? I think if Olof Mellberg and the rest of his Swedish national teammates didn't have beards they'd look like the u-21 team.

Tiago Mendes of Juventus looks like Sarah Silverman of horrible television.

By the way, I love Juventus.

I really don't care about politics. I don't really care that Barack Obama won. Yes, he's (half) Black. But I don't know him. So quit asking me if I'm excited, because I really just don't care.

José María Gutiérrez, or Guti (of Real Madrid) is ridiculously left-footed and runs like a girl. But man, if he can't play a sublime through ball...

Marcelo (of Real Madrid) looks like a taller, light-skinned Katt Williams and hasn't improved nearly as quickly as I thought he would.

Royston Drenthe is what would happen if Edgar Davids and Whoopi Goldberg had a child.

And finally... If Javier Saviola (again of Real Madrid) hadn't been so stubborn he'd be getting regular minutes for a good club team and would probably still be in the Argentinean national team frame.

That's all for now.

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