Thursday, August 7, 2008

Critical response

I had to put this in because it probably sums up the heart of this blog completely. I told one of my friends I had begun to write a blog, and his immediate response was as follows: "Lmao. Wat u blog about? Juve or sneakers. One of them."


I blog about Juve, sneakers, and basically anything that strikes my fancy.

But often, that's Juve and sneakers.


Unknown said...

Sooooo… who knew you could write! LOL, but for real, I enjoyed reading your new thoughts on life (that apparently only include soccer and sneakers…lol)! I’m definitely going to have to read more because I like watching soccer, but I know nothing about it. I hope I stroked your ego enough! So anyways, yip-pee for being the first to write on your blog!! :)

Unknown said...

oh and I have to add that your picture is hilarious/ridiculous!