Thursday, August 7, 2008

I couldn't stay away

I'm back... yes, already. I just read a article on Italy's 3-0 demolishing of Honduras, and who should be at the forefront of this mashing but my favorite 5'5" Italian? Sebastian Giovinco is a giant of a man (or midget?) for whom, in order to protest his sale, hundreds of Juventus supporters demonstrated outside of the Delle Alpi only a few weeks ago. In him lies the hopes of a nation of Juve supporters who, like myself, have followed his progress from the Juventini to his exploits at Empoli and back to the full Bianconeri side. There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth when it seemed the Juventus brass (including the stunningly idiotic Alessio Secco who I will get into later) would sell our tiny gem. Thankfully, that saga seems to be over, and judging by his performances lately, the demonstrations were warranted. In my opinion, the fun-sized fantasista has the talent to be the new Roberto Baggio (please, please, please) without the ponytail. As reported by, the miniscule magician ran a footballing masterclass against Honduras, and for a die-hard Bianconero like myself, it makes me as happy as if I had seen the text "Juventus: 4 - Inter Milan: -2342309823"

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