Tuesday, August 26, 2008

V is for Vendetta, Not for V-Neck

Ah, the v-neck. Done tastefully, a v-neck t-shirt or sweater is a perfectly acceptable part of the straight male wardrobe. However, a comically low-cut v-neck can make its wearer the subject of myriad jokes, awkward looks and "man-boobs" comments.

I, for one, prefer not to be forced to stare at the bare chesticles of a grown man when avoidable. Which should be all the time. Alas, in today's world, the normally classy and stylish v-neck has been turned into a stripper-esque low-cut abomination that has the ability to make even the manliest of all men quail in fear from the man-boob invasion.

I have a suggestion for those deep-cut v-neck wearers. 1. Look in the mirror. If that first glance alone doesn't deter you from your path to destruction, proceed to the next step. 2. If you appear to be a B-list celebrity stumbling from a limousine on a Tuesday night in LA, tuck your nipples away and change shirts. 3. If none of the steps before this have swayed you, take a look at the pictures in this post and compare them to yourself. You look worse.

That is all.

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aht4005 said...

aggin you know you love them v-necks! i seen you wearing them all the time showing yo bird chest and everything, hahahaha don't lie about that kinda stuff