Friday, August 8, 2008

Forum flaming template

After observing myriad poorly-written forum posts dealing with all types of subject matter, I decided parody was necessary. The following is a template created in order to flame whatever the user wishes to decry, simply by inserting the subject into the appropriate blanks. This will save said users hours of precious time that could otherwise be used to scratch bellies, eat Cheetos and watch NASCAR, BET, Maury, or whatever other fine television is consumed by these brilliant internet surfers.

[Insert hated subject matter here] sux. it is horribul and it sux a lot. i think it sux bc i didnt likee it or unnerstan wut it wuz talkin bout. i did [laugh, cry, think, etc.] one time but i dont think they ment 2 maek me do it. i think that [insert incredibly poorly made version of original subject matter/completely unrelated entity] iz so mucch bedder becuz i unnerstood wut dey was talkin about and it was gud. And because [insert horrible actor, director, brand name, etc. here] iz so much better becuz their from [insert city, town, country, etc. here].

For a response to another poster's disagreement use this template:

U suk becuz you dont evin no what your talkin about. I dont even know what [better version of - movie, song, brand name, etc.] your talkin about and because i dont know what it is i know your stupid. (Proceed to go off into string of curses, racial slurs, horrible jokes and insults to families)

And there you have it folks, an easy template to use for flaming others on any forum you wish.

1 comment:

aht4005 said...

I love the grammar that they use. they are like you be stupid and shit like that. I'm like how you are going to call somebody stupid and your grammer is horrible. I'm like at least spell one word right after a while I have no clue what you are talking about. And about that handicap sign I saw the small print....Yeah don't touch it hahahaha