Thursday, August 7, 2008

You knew it was coming...

Yes, the requisite post about style.

I had a conversation with my roommate the other day about the way I dress, and it started my brain running. What is my style? I contrived to break it down into three semi-fluid categories: Prep, Skate and Thu. The first two are pretty self-explanatory, but the third may take a bit of 'splainin to do, my dear Lucy.

Before I get into the discussion on my stylistic choices, I'd like to talk a bit about my new infatuation with Japanese shoes. The newest crush? Ato Matsumoto. I can't explain why, but I love these space boots. I've always been a fan of relatively off-the-wall shoes, and these are off the Apollo 13 wall. I will have a pair as soon as I have the funds and can find them, mark my words. Now back to the show.

Thug is often seen on many rappers, basketball and football players, posers, Gs, gangbangers, and the like involving 4 XL plain tees, hugely baggy jeans, hoodies, Timberlands, Air Force 1s, fitted caps, etc.

Thu (no G) is my version of this style (and by no means my innovation). It involves slightly baggy clothes (not even close to the point of falling off), hoodies and/or baggy-ish t-shirts, an OH SO FRESH fitted cap (New Era is a must, not an option) and such shoes as Nike Air Max 90s, Timbs, and Air Force Ones. My best friend Juan Duque is my partner in crime in this style, to the point where the last school year we would often walk out of our rooms, look at each other and utter what would become a commonplace phrase: "I'm gonna go change." More often than not, our clothing choices would mirror each other from hat color to shoe style. Our case was not helped due to the fact that we did much of our shopping-- excuse me "buying"-- together.

By way of clarification, the Thu style lacks a G because I grew up in Chapel Hill, was homeschooled and went to Davidson College. While for many, that qualifies me as a certified straight-up G in the same vein as The Game, 50 Cent and Vanilla Ice, in my book it drops the G from my style.

That being said, in my reflection upon style, I return to the three categories. Thu has already been rolled out into the open, now I move on to Preppy and Skate.

Preppy is a style that has been a source of contention for me. I long resisted the Allure of being like the new Jay-Z and wanting to be a Bad Boy For Life like the old P. Diddy. As they illustrated, the change would entail giving up my hoodie for a blazer and trading in my Timbs for (why are they so flippin comfortable?) loafers. But I digress. This may be the simplest and most timeless of the three styles. The ingredients? Simply add one part polo or button-down shirt, one part jeans, and one part loafers and vóila, you are transformed. All that fuss over a little collared shirt? My whole mentality about the style changed when I realized that if I wore these clothes a couple times, it didn't mean that I was locked in to being a "Prep". It meant that I happened to like wearing the clothes. Life is yzarc!

Finally, Skate is my newest addition to the clothing rotation. I look at it as a mix of the new skate culture trend and an obsession with skate shoes. This style, one which dominates my recent clothing choices outside of work, is the most complicated of the three. I am not embarrassed in anyway to say that it was inspired strongly by AJ "Son hold up a second, lemme get a nap real quick" Grant. I was introduced to the world of the Nike Dunk SB by him, and what a world it has opened up. Now such names as Blazer, Mork and Mindy, Dinosaur Jr, Melvin grace or have graced my closet, soon to be followed by Messrs. Supra and Matsumoto. The Skate style is a complex one focused mainly on shoes. With the shoes come tighter-than-usual jeans (but not skater-tight) and fitted caps and t-shirts to match. When the weather outside is frightful, a hoodie is in order, with a thermal shirt underneath the tee. I stumbled across this style rather by accident as I was practically given two pairs of straight-from-Nippon Evisu Genes by a friend. The Genes, tighter than my usual fare, have become some of my favorite go-to items from my closet. Coupled with Dunks, they make me look eerily as if I had escaped from the X-Games into my living room. Or at least as if I'm wearing Dunks and slimmer-fitting jeans.

At this point, an explanation may be in order. Why, you might ask, is this relevant to me?


It's not.

I just like cool clothes and shoes.


aht4005 said...

hey yo! who told you that you were a certified G, they were lyin to you hahahaha i'm just messing.

Mr. Pibba said...

haha, a-dubs, dude, I never would've doubted that you were a good writer, and I knew your words would be interesting, I just didn't know you had it like this. well done, my man.

now I'm gonna come back not just 'cause I like you, but because this is legitimately fun to read. hell yeah, I was getting bored with the same eight webpages.

CtotheB said...

As I sip from this soda I'm sure someone spit in, I gotta say this post was on point.