Monday, September 8, 2008


"It is absolutely silly and unproductive to have a funeral for the word nigger when the actions continue. We need to have a movement to resurrect Brothers and Sisters, not a funeral for niggers. 'Cause niggers don't die."
- "Project Roach"

Recently I've been plagued by, dare I say it, niggerdom. When I say this word, I am not referring to Black people specifically, I'm referring to general ignorance. Whether it be rampant disregard for the rules and general standards of the English language, general inability to behave like civilized humans in public, or simply basic incompetence, I am severely allergic to idiocy. It's not a race thing, it's not a culture thing. It's a people thing.

As much as I am annoyed by incompetence and lack of intelligence, I am conversely buoyed by signs of intelligence I see from time to time. When I am able to hold a good conversation or read something enlightening it lights an internal spark of hope. However, the problem of niggerdom still remains and it's up to those who have the mental acuity and passion for knowledge to carry the torch. I don't mean to insinuate that it's not ok to act foolish from time to time, or have fun all the time, but once the line of coonery is crossed it's time to look around, see if anybody is watching, and quietly jump back into the realm of intelligence without missing a beat.

Without delving too deep in to my feelings, I wanted to give a quick overview on my recent frustrations. If I'm similarly irked, I will share my feelings in more depth.

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