Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Limited Is My Favorite Edition

I've recently begun to stray more and more from traditional shoe stores, opting more for smaller hole-in-the-wall skate shops and non-chain retailers. My preference has shifted from shoes that are widely available to the general public to what those in the know like to call "limited edition" kicks. This highly technical term refers to shoes that are produced in short supply, and only offered for a finite period of time.

I'm a huge fan of unique clothing, especially as it pertains to footwear. I prefer not to wear ridiculous attire, but I do like bold colors and shoes that aren't worn by every other person on the street. That is not to say that if I see a widely worn shoe that strikes my fancy I won't buy it simply because it's a commonplace item, but my preference lies in distinctive vestments if possible.

That being said, recently I've been smitten by Supra Footwear's Skytop shoe. Supra produces their shoe in limited quantities, and they are only available in select skate shops around the country. Their shoes are high quality, comfortable, and most importantly they look good to me. Despite one of my best friends Juan Duque calling the camo Skytops "rain boots", I love them, and I can't wait to snag another pair in a new colorway.

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aht4005 said...

hey lookout for those guys we saw on that show, you gonna see them and they going to take your limited shoes....while they stompin yo ass, you gonna be like "oh shit i saw you on that documentary on espn2, you SUCK at soccer."