Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My New Crush

Alright, I admit it. I've fallen for Supra Skytops. I first saw them around a year ago, and as they were gold (a color I'm not very fond of), I didn't take much notice. However, recently Supras have become my new favorite shoe, followed closely by Nike SB Dunks. Searching the shoe website KicksOnFire.com the past couple weeks, I've run across more and more crazy editions of Supras that caught my fancy, and as it was my birthday a few days ago, I decided to get a pair with some well-earned money I received for staying alive for 22 years.

I walked into the store intending to purchase the white and red Supra Skytop NS (Non Skate) for my closet's benefit, but was immediately greeted with the magic words: "Limited" and "Edition", pertaining to the brand new red patent leather Skytop NSs. Of course, with red being my favorite color, and limited being my favorite edition, I walked out with a brand new pair of Supras and the knowledge that I was only the 2nd person in Charlotte (and possibly the Southeast) to own them.

After I bought the Supras, I had the urge to buy more of the shoe in different colors over the next couple days, but I valiantly fought it off by repeatedly looking at my bank account, gas prices and my phone bill.

More to follow...


aht4005 said...

yeah i like those shoes i saw them on one of the websites i haven't remembered...but since i'm no longer a professional soccer player and i don't have a job at the moment then i can't really go ahead and buy some shoes. but I kinda have been admiring supras for a while now. I might press my parents so i "need some new shoes to wear" hahahahahahaha...you know my pimp game is top notch

Mr. Pibba said...

seriously, I'm developing a foot fetish just following your blog.

also, I loved this line:

"Of course, with red being my favorite color, and limited being my favorite edition..."