Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Facebook is Better Now

Facebook chat sucks. Let's be honest. Nearly everyone (and by that, I mean everyone, I just don't like to make broad generalizations) has been on Facebook chat and been signed off at a "key" moment in the conversation. However, for the most part, the new Facebook is brilliant. The introduction of a tabbed browsing system, compartmentalized profile areas and an overall cleaner look makes the whole website that much better.

There are those detractors (read: those who can't cope with that fact that it might be a little easier to find information if it doesn't take 45 seconds to load a page) who prefer the old Facebook system. In that system, a person's whole life's information is jammed onto one page that takes way too long to load. I, for one, prefer to be able to find information immediately under clearly labeled tabs rather than be forced to scroll through 20 pages worth of useless information and ridiculous applications. If I want to see what applications a person has, I will click the applications tab. Simple, huh?

I wrote this post mainly to air my frustrations with the people who complain incessantly about the new Facebook. If you really hate it that much, do what the people who really and truly dislike it did and find a way around it. In a quick Google search I found hundreds of ways to get back to the old Facebook. So stop complaining, stop inviting me to Facebook groups and just click your mouse three times while reciting: "there's no place like Myspace".

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