Monday, September 15, 2008

Shots Fired

This is a formal declaration of war against my good buddy Andre "I wish I was 3000" Sherard. Let it be known that this is in no way a war brought forth from malicious intent, just pure, unadultered hate (the good kind).

This war, should Andre choose to accept terms, will be a battle of wits, words and jokes. It begins tomorrow at 10:00 AM. Any submissions before that point will not be considered part of the war. Basically anything goes in this war.

For you Andre: Get it ready, get it ready, get it ready ready.

1 comment:

aht4005 said...

you see that aggin!!! you see that ahhh shit!!!! that aggin already ready.....oh yeah he's ready to go and nah i don't wish to be 3000 but since he got it first and he's a baller i choose to be 2000 instead